Adventure awaits…

2020 has been a year of peeling back the layers. A time to dig a little deeper, look a little closer and just be more thoughtful about what’s going on around me. And to also be more aware and take closer notice of important cues. And, let me tell you, it’s been a real mixed bag.

It started with a painful reminder that parents don’t actually live forever. I mean, intellectually I already knew that (of course), but experiencing the reality was something quite different.

Thanks to the wonder of globalization, we’ve all had front row seats to watch just how quickly a virus can infect the entire planet.

I learned that being patient is not the same as having to wait because I simply have no other choice.

I discovered that organized real estate is actually not very organized at all.

But, of course, it hasn’t all been dreadful. I’ve witnessed some really good things happen to really good people – gosh how I love when that happens! New relationships, new homes, new and innovative ways of doing things, babies being born (yay!), and discovering that friends I’ve not paid enough attention to, have turned out to be some of my biggest supporters – and supports – even when I didn’t realize that was just what I needed.

Like most everyone I know, I’ve had to learn how to connect from a distance (not my strong suit, by the way). And, let’s be honest, some of that learning has been pretty comical at times. In many instances, this has meant relearning old ways of expressing myself – ways that had somehow become unfamiliar. I must admit this has been refreshing.

Every place I’ve ever lived has always been “home” and I’ve loved every single one of them. Thanks to multiple lockdowns, this current one is just way cleaner.

For the first time ever, I had to remind myself to stop and look for signs of pain and suffering in others. How did that happen? I never had to be deliberate about it before. I’m ashamed and have no excuse.

The act of commiseration has never been so easy – I mean, even perfect strangers have been quick to find common ground – which is pretty great, actually. That said, if I never again hear the phrase “we’re all in this together”, it will be too soon. Because we most certainly are not.

This year has shown me in no uncertain terms that real estate is pie (and that my value to an employer ends the second I stop sharing mine). Strangely, I remain grateful for this reminder.

I’m learning the value of simplicity. If I’m being honest, I’m as guilty as anyone for overcomplicating my life. The why or how seems moot right now. Perhaps in time those answers will reveal themselves. For now, I know my focus has definitely shifted. In fact, it still is shifting and I hope it continues to. Where exactly it will end up I’m not sure – but I know I’m open to possibilities in a way I haven’t been in quite some time. Some of the fear and dread I’ve felt this past year is starting to feel more like excitement. Or maybe it’s hope? I guess we’ll see.

So, what does any of this have to do with launching a real estate brokerage amidst a global pandemic?? Well, I have thoughts. And I look forward to sharing them in the coming months as I embark on this new adventure – and I’d love for you to join me…

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