Atelier Realty: Your workshop for all things Home.

Atelier is a French word for studio or workshop – a space dedicated to creating, curating and designing.

While I can hardly call myself an artist or designer, my work as a Realtor often takes me on some highly creative journeys.

So, I stepped outside my comfort zone to create my own boutique brokerage offering clients and visitors a forum in which to share ideas, dream big and make the most of that sacred space we all call home. It might look slightly different for each of us but, whether your space is limited or abundant, modest or luxurious, feeling “at home” is something we all deserve – wherever that is.

You don’t need to own your home or be planning a move to have conversations here. However, if ever you do decide to explore a move, I’d like the experience to feel like a transition, not a transaction. It’s how I’ve always rolled and I can’t ever see that changing.

Meanwhile, I invite you to engage with me and others to share ideas and explore new ways of defining the home.

Farrell Macdonald

Broker of Record/Owner

Atelier Realty Inc., Brokerage

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